Brother Waasim fly to India for treatment


Brother Waasim fly to India for treatment yesterday evening. (27/08/2013), Dr.Sirinivas, Orthopedic Surgical Oncologist, BGS Hospital informed that Surgery will be done on Wednesday (28/Aug/2013),

Please Make Dua for his Health.


June 25, 2013

Brother Waasim is a vibrant young man of 31 years of age, who has immersed himself in the community development activities. Currently serving as a teacher of Science at Al-Azhar College, Hemmathegama, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Peradeniya. Waasim, who resides in Hinguloya, Mawanella is a loving father of two small children namely Fathima (2 years) and Abdullah (4months).

Always beaming with a smile, brother Waasim is ever ready to contribute in the projects of social service, All Praises are to Allah. Hardships and ordeals never notify us in advance. Persistent ache in his leg has been diagnosed to be a rare kind of cancer in the bones. Doctors dreaded that amputation would be necessary.

Dr Srinivasan’s wordings, Consultant Orthopedic Oncologist from India, has brought a ray of hope in the procedure. He has promised that he can try his best to treat Brother Wassim without amputation, under his care at Global Hospital Bangalore. It is estimated that 5 Million Sri lankan Rupees would be needed to complete the treatment.

Brother Waasim’s economic condition is not that favorable to afford this huge amount. Yet his family has put its full efforts to collect a sum of 2 Millon Srilanka Rupees Insha Allah. We expect the rest 3 Million from all the generous hearts who would lend us a hand in saving the life of Waasim. May Allah Protect yourself and your family from all the hardships of this kind Insha Allah.

Each contribution of yours would bring you rewards in many folds in this world and the hereafter. Your small input can bring a big change Insha Allah.
“..Whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely” (Al-Ma’idah:32)

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