From Newspaper Clippings – 17/08/2013

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 Ceylon Today  Editorial (Page 6)  Ceylon Today-Editorial-p.06-17th August
Ceylon Today Prayers in Grandpass Old Mosque (Page 1) Ceylon Today-Prayers in Grandpass old mosque-p.01-17th August
 Ceylon Today  The way it is and was (Page 7)  Ceylon Today-The way it is & was (column)-p.07-17th August
Lakbima Sinhala Ravaya in Maggona (Page 9)  Lakbima-Sinhala Ravaya in Maggona-p.09-17th August
Mawbima Prayers held in Grandpass old mosque (Page 2)  Mawbima-Prayers held in Grandpass old mosque-p.02-17th August
Sudar Oli New law to prevent religious insult (page 9)  Sudar Oli-New law to prevent religious insult-p.09-17th August
Thinakkural Attacks on religious places is a crime-Min. Vasu  Thinakkural-Attacks on religious places is a crime-Min. Vasu-p.03-17th August

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