Hike for Humanity reaches the Needy

The Old Cadets Association of Zahira College Organized a charity project Hike for humanity to donate books and stationary items to the badly needed underprivileged students in a remote village called Wewelthalawa in Yatiyanthota area. The Hike for humanity concept was very much publicized in Zahira College as well as in social media. Students were very much eager to help the needy children and they flocked to the collection centers to hand over their share of contributions to the needy students.

And on 16th of December 2013, the collected items were taken to the remote village of Wewelthalawa, An 8 km walk from Halgolla opened the way to the picturesque village of Wewelthalawa. And the small children were waiting their turn to be awarded some assistance to continue their studies. The children who were present there were so much in poor and most of them were near bare footed to the school which made the eyes of the organizers wet. And bit happy for the fact that the project is going to reach where it really matters. The enthusiasm that were in the faces of students when receiving their share was immense and all were of the feeling if they are guided on right path they would definitely be a treasure for the island found in middle of ranges of mountains.

Exercise books and stationeries worth Rs. 28000 have donated to 55 students and school administration of Wewalthalawa Tamil Maha Vidyalaya. Apart from these they conducted several fun games and cultural events among students and awarded prizes for winners.

Mr.Mahendran, the Principal of Wewalthalawa T.M.V thanked Zahira College for their support on fully sponsoring the Prize Giving Day of his school.  Lt. M.I.M.  Ziyard, Advisor for Zahira Old Cadets Association said that Hike for Humanity project will take its next project to some other needy in near future.



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