The cricket gala 2016

The cricket gala 2016 (inter development committees challenge trophy) was held at Zahira grounds today. This challege trouphy to be held annually and it was organized by Zahira College SDC.

Purpose of this meet is to strenthern the relationship between the committees involved in development activities. 8 teams were participated namely SDC SMT OBA MED OMT CMT PDC and DMT.

College principal and chief trustee of Masjid hull hudha was the chief guests of the event. Matches was held nock out basis and 8 players per team.

Team DMT was the champion and Team OBA was the Runner – up. Best batsman and best bowler are Mr.Rashid and Mr.Akshan respectively. Lunch was arranged for all part pants and the event was sponsored by Medisevana(pvt) Ltd, TGL (pvt) Ltd, Bcas Kandy campus, Lankan Tiles, Mr.Aslam and Mr.Ilham.

School Management Team SMT
School Development Committee SDC
Old Boys Association OBA
Mawanella Education Development Trust MED
College Maintenance Team CMT
One-way Monitoring Team OMT
Primary Development Committee PDC
Discipline Monitoring Team DMT

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