Why Minister Rishad Refuse to swear on Holy Quran ?

This is a thousand dollar question asked by most non -Muslims, who happened to see a hot video released by a Srilanka TV Station under the bold caption “Wilpaththu Hiru TV Debate- Min.Rishad Refuses to Swear on the Holy Quran”.min1

Any individual with a preconceived mind set, who happens to see this video would ask the question    “Was it because Minister Rishad wanted to withhold important facts or to hide certain thing from the Public domain”.

In addition, those who have seen / watched Hiru TV Salakuna  programme  on Wilpattu resettlement  issues debate  telecast on 28th December 2015, where Rev. Ananda  Sagara Thero and Minister Rishad Bathiudeen presented their versions and views  before the Public,  would also ask the same question.

Towards the end of the hot TV debate, all of a sudden Rev.Ananda Sagara Thero pulled out a Quran Book and produced before Minister Rishad and asked him to swear on the Holy Quran to the effect, that he has not resettled Muslims in Wilpattu. Taken by surprise, Minister Rishad quoted the importance of Quran to Muslims and refused to do so.

Especially non – Muslims should understand that the Quran is the holy book of Islam and viewed by Muslims as the direct Word of God. Muslims believe that the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad over a period of approximately 20 years by the honourable and noble angel Gabriel. Holding or keeping Quran Book by a non-Muslim is seen as a sin by Muslims. Generally during disputes Muslims swear in the name of Allah and definitely not on Holy Quran Book, which is the live and breathe to them. Any non-Muslim, who respects other religions would not have dared to ask a Muslim to swear on holy Quran. In view of the above facts, Minister Rishad’s refusal to swear on Holy Quran is justifiable and acceptable by all right thinking Public.

Further, anyone who has seen this TV debate completely would have asked the following questions:

  1. Were Compeers  of this TV debate programme fair by Minister Rishad and Rev.Ananda Thero in providing equal opportunity to air their voices / views?
  2. Were Compeers  of this TV debate programme aided and abetted in dragging irrelevant personal issues, which diluted prime issues – A Challenge thrown on Rev.Ananda Sagara Thero to prove that Minister Rishad has resettled even   a single Muslim family  within the perimeter of Wilpattu Forest Reserve / Sanctuary and doing drug business within it.

Literacy in Srilanka is much more than in neighbouring, India, Pakistan and Bangaladesh. Average Srilankan is capable of differentiating facts from fiction. Medias too cannot deceive them. People who have seen /viewed this TV debate and the hot video clipping would have drawn their own conclusion, no doubt. Writer of this article is a non-Muslim.

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